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We are an innovative educational consultancy with a key focus on vocational education and training.


  • Training product development
  • Learning resource development
  • Educational and workforce skill research
  • Skills forecast modelling
  • Industry and government liaison
  • International qualification analysis

Design Capacity

  • We design training products and learning resources
  • We gather, analyse and evaluate learning content
  • We consolidate and present learning content to a variety of audiences
  • We prepare educational and skill reports for a variety of audiences

Consultative Capacity

  • We foster strong consultative partnerships
  • We use credible information gathering techniques
  • We guarantee an inclusive approach to consultation and validation
  • We guarantee an impartial focus to research recommendations
  • We create ‘usable’ products and resources
  • We develop co‚Äźoperative working arrangements with industry bodies, businesses, individual learners, community organisations and training providers